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History of the Inter-Cooperative Council of Ann Arbor

Luther House

Luther Buchele Cooperative House is made up of two houses located at 1510 and 1520 Hill Street. The buildings were purchased by the Inter-Cooperative Council in 1986; prior to that the buildings were home to John Sinclair, the band MC5, and the White Panther Party. Located behind the two residential houses is the ICC's Moses Coady-Paulo Freire Cooperative Education Center, where many ICC events and house officer trainings are held. Luther is well known for its Halloween party, known as Lutherween, as well as its yearly music festival, Lutherfest, which is hosted during the summer, making it one of the most social houses in the ICC.


Luther Buchele was the ICC’s first full time staff member, serving in various positions, including general manager, for 34 years. He is widely credited with professionalizing the ICC and ensuring its long term viability as an organization.