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Japanese Horror Visual Aesthetics

Hideaki Anno

An image of film director, writer, & artist Hideaki Anno

Who is Hideaki Anno?

Anno has filled many roles over the years ranging from being a film director to an animator. He was born in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1960. He is known for his work on Neon Genesis Evangelion, Godzilla, and Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.  While he has worked in multiple genres, "his style has become defined by his incorporation of postmodernism and the extensive portrayal of characters' thoughts and emotions, often through unconventional scenes presenting the mental deconstruction of those characters" (Wikipedia, 2020).

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Hope & Despair

A video essay about the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (metadata link)

Beyond Ghibli's description of his 22 minute video essay, "In 1995, director Hideaki Anno unleashed a show that would subvert expectations, enamour a nation and forever change the industry it was a part of. Twenty five years later, Neon Genesis Evangelion is still one of the most vital and - more importantly - most exciting shows around. In this video I explore its many iterations, examine their impacts on a fandom and take a closer look at the deeply embedded themes of hope and despair at the heart of it all" (Beyond Ghibli, 2019).

Hideaki Anno: Emotional Deconstructionist

From Schilling himself,  he spoke " the man behind the ‘Evangelion’ sci-fi franchise about his apocalyptic influences and prod him on the question that is on every fan’s lips" (Schilling 2014).

Mark Schilling's thoughts on Hideaki Anno and his work

Neon Genesis Evangelion Images

A set of images from the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion

Image stills of characters and editoral content from NGE from the Mark Schilling Collection

The World of Hideaki Anno

Andrew Osmond wrote an article talking about this special festival that was featured at the Tokyo International Film Festival. This program showcase Anno's work through the years and the impact it's had on the anime/entertainment industry. 

A set of images from "screenings and live appearances by the maker of Evangelion." Items from the Mark Schilling Collection 

Hideaki Anno Interviews

These interviews feature Hideaki Anno through out the years. All of these interviews are in Japanese, but they do have English subtitles.

Hideaki Anno Interview from MPEG Special (1996) - English Subs

 (metadata link)


An interview with director Hideaki Anno in 1996 about Neon Genesis Evangelion

                                                                                                                Hayao Miyazaki Chats with Hideaki Anno - English Subs

 (metadata link)


Hayao Miyazaki spots a wild Hideaki Anno out in the Sahara desert and they have a chat about each other's work.

Hideaki Anno Interviewed by Noriko Hidaka - English Subs

(metadata link)


Hideaki Anno interviewed by Noriko Hidaka about his works. The pair worked together on the film Nadia: The Secret Blue Water