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Memo on Bill Goodman's PLATO PPTK control system for orthopedically handicapped students (1982)


Memo on Bill Goodman's PLATO PPTK control system for orthopedically handicapped students (1982)
The News Bureau, University of Illinois
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Archived memo from the University of Illinois News Bureau about Bill Goodman's PLATO Programmable Terminal Keyboard (PPTK) control system for orthopedically disabled PLATO users, which allowed users to control a light which scans terminal keyboard characters and alter graphics on the screen through a series of eight mounted switches. Goodman, a physically disabled programmer with cerebral palsy, served at the time as director of the handicapped technology program at the University of Illinois Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory (CERL), vice president of the Illinois Professional Association of Individuals with Disabilities, member of the Illinois Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities and member of the executive board of directors for United Cerebral Palsy of East Central Illinois. In the memo, Goodman is quoted, "I am not content with yesterday's accomplishments of making this campus physically accessible for people in wheelchairs. Instead, I've created a new technology to make this campus intellectually accessible and scholastically functional for a wide range of orthopedically handicapped students" (p.7).
Goodman, William J. "The PLATO PPTK System: An Alternative Keyboard Using the PLATO Computer-based Education System for the Orthopedically Handicapped." CERL Report E-l9, PEG, May 1981.
The News Bureau, University of Illinois
University Archives, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory
University of Illinois
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

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