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Demonstration of the PLATO IV Computer-Based Education System. Final Report. January 1, 1972-June 30, 1976 (1977)


Demonstration of the PLATO IV Computer-Based Education System. Final Report. January 1, 1972-June 30, 1976 (1977)
Slattow, H.G.
Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory, University of Illinois, Urbana.
PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations)
Computer-Based Education
College Programs
Curriculum Development
Higher Education
Elementary Education
Instructional Design
Institutional Cooperation
Reading Instruction
Online Systems
Systems Development
Information and Communication Technology
STEM Education
A report edited by H.G. Slottow for the Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory on the implementation and evaluation of the PLATO system and software for universities, community colleges, elementary schools, training facilities and various development programs across the nation from years 1972 to 1976.
NSF Contract C-723 Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory PLATO Project, U.S. Department of Health, Education & Welfare. National Institute of Education.
ERIC Clearinghouse
GOVDOC : ED 1.310/2:158767
Computer-Based Education Research Laboratory (CERL)
University of Illinois
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
This report for the period January 1, 1972 to June 30, l976 describes a program conducted to reach the following major objectives: (1) to develop, test, and operate a large geographically dispersed PLATO IV network; (2) to implement an educational program involving educational liaison, teacher/author training, curriculum planning, and materials development; (3) to carry out a two-year field test and demonstration; and (4) to develop plans and strategies and assist in a systematic evaluation of the educational effectiveness of the PLATO IV system. Chapter 1 gives a brief account of PLATO history, a summary of the program, and a discussion of the results and their implications. Chapter 2 describes the methods by which the PLATO Service Organization provides author training, liaison, documentation, and other services to a large user community. Chapter 3 provides evaluation of system reliability, performance, use, and educational effectiveness, and presents a detailed case study in elementary mathematics. The next two chapters describe experience in the use of PLATO in mathematics and reading in elementary schools. Chapter 6 describes the community colleges program project, which has introduced PLATO curricula in accountancy, biology, chemistry, English and mathematics. Chapters 7 and 8 describe the experience with PLATO in the teaching of physics and chemistry at the university level. The final chapter discusses the continuous development of systems software for PLATO. (Author/VT)
Bibliographic Citation
Slattow, G. Demonstration of the PLATO IV Computer-Based Education System. Final Report. January 1, 1972-June 30, 1976 . Place of publication not identified: Distributed by ERIC Clearinghouse, 1977. Print.
Sponsoring Agency: National Science Foundation, Washington, DC.
Abstractor: ERIC.

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